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  1. will this mean that i can still tether with my phone (share internet connection)
  2. ofc lol its a good bit of pen testing kit when it works
  3. update: i believe its a issue with the manufactures "automatic" power supply where it cuts the power out of the wifi pineapple for some reason so ive emailed ankor and ill see if that is the issue
  4. Update: same issue even with just wifi pineapple and battery
  5. UPDATE: it turns back on once i push the button on the side of the powerbank so im not sure what this means as the button is only ment to check the remaining power in the battery
  6. I recently got the Anker PowerCore 20100 powerbank for my wifi pinapple nano. Im set up in this config: the power-bank has a output of 12watts per port and on the wifi pineapple documentation they ask for 9W including auxiliary stuff like extra antenna, phone tethering. However when using this my wifi pineapple randomly turns off and the power-bank lights go off as if it has stopped drawing power and my phone stops charging. Then it restarts and loops (i stopped it after 2 as it realized it can damage the wifi pineapple if im under-powering it). has anyone got any idea of what this can be as i HOPE im not under-powering it as i aimed for overkill on the output just in case.
  7. i also have a issue with SD card mounting i just got a 32GB sd card and it isnt mounting and flashing is working either
  8. turns out the issue was not with the SD card the whole pinapple was faulty and i got refunded
  9. For some reason my captive portal isnt working all it is doing it setting the hotspot to display as having no internet when it is. Ive factory reset and tryed again however no difference (all installed on internal storage and on latest firmware 2.7.0) Note: when i turn on captive portal my phone says connected with no internet access and there is none anymore and when i turn it off it works again EDIT: Feel like this isn't good for the record i got this less than 5 hours ago and followed all the instructions so im pretty sure ive not done anything that would do this
  10. I would like to know a list of exactly what WIFI dongles/antennas etc work with the signal owl for example i have read this sentence "Supported transceivers include RT2800 WiFi devices (such as the RaLink RT5370) and CSR8510 Bluetooth devices as well as RTL-SDR and most serial GPS devices (such as the U-blox7)". from this forum post: However i am still not clear about exactly what dongles are compatible for example on amazon i found 1 antenna that is running the correct chipset and has decent range(https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01LYUWQZQ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1) however isn't compatible with 5GHz and broke in the first 3 weeks and whilst trying to find another RT2800 chipset dongle i cant find ANY other chipsets that are RT2800 with good range (i can only find the small usb ones like the https://shop.hak5.org/products/ralink-usb-wifi-rt5370). If anyone can tell me any that are preferably cheap and/or any other chipsets that work i would be very grateful.
  11. peel1


    im highly interested on kismet on the signal owl any news or a ETA?
  12. https://pastebin.com/jtvwWw3f - dmesg output https://pastebin.com/DaV15sbk -logread output hope this helps debug the issue for anyone
  13. i have this exact same issue with the lights different payload thou
  14. recently got the signal owl and wanted to test it out by using the garbage SSID spammer however it wont work. I've tried to diagnose it however due to the command: airmon-ng start wlan0 crashing out my SSH connection completely and using airmon-ng --debug/verbose start wlan0 > test.txt prints out 10000s of "invalid input. yes or no (y/n?)" and when i try boot it after finishing mounting the USB (FAT32) the LED just turns off for some reason? i have no idea how to fix/diagnose and need some help
  15. anyway i can make it display the public ip not a private one?
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