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  1. The plan is to capture PMKIDs. First in an open space and then with added obstacles including a Faraday cage. Antenna - omni biquad is what I wanna play around with. Country regulations are more relaxed than U.S. (as long as you stay within your property the amp power is negotiable) so I am planning to include the amp as well. Are there any parameters that i need to observe/match when picking the right amps and antennas? Any particular devices the community can suggest?
  2. Update: main goal is to capture PMKIDs
  3. Fellas, I am planing on testing tetra's potential in a country with fairly relaxed regulations on transmitter power, however, I am new to the whole antenna game. What piqued my curiosity is the omni biquad antenna. Has anyone used those? What would be a good choice for LNA? ANY guidance is much appreciated.
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