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  1. WPS attack module in wifi pineapple tetra is not working. Reaver is not working after getting started, Bully is able to perform the attack but shows error like corrupted file (root/usr/bin/bully) and automatically exits or empty log file or wps ie not enabled(even if wps is enabled this error throws up)
  2. After touch and tail -f command, my terminal is blank and is not reading the username and password after being entered. Please guide me on this. Also share me some video tutorials on evil portal. Thanks.
  3. thank you so much. i'll check this out and reply if there are any errors
  4. Hello everyone, I'm using wifi pineapple tetra and in my setup i'm able to run the dwall module but client url, images are not being displayed as output , ssl strip is not getting installed, clients are not getting connected. Please guide me to carry out the necessary attacks and other valuable advices for practising other attacks will also be useful for me :)
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