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  1. Not very interested in the GUI of this thing, would like to simply use the Atheros NICs to run manual attacks and pentests using Kali or ParrotSec. What is the best way, perhaps there's a thread or guide, to enable both radios on the NANA to initialize in Kali/Parrot as WLANx and WLANy? Thanks
  2. Used to have the MARK V, relatively stable. Using the NANO now for the past 6 hours, putting it through the paces. This thing keeps rebooting every 10 minutes after a basic function. What gives? - switching from broadcasting / not broadcasting open SSIDs = 1/5 times = reboot - simply moving through the UI of say the EvilCapture UI = 2/5 times = reboot - it takes 5 whole minutes for the device to reboot after it crashes, 5 minutes is an eternity in the pensec world - sometimes, it won't even reboot, will simply be powered on and hang (blue LED) for 10 minutes, nothing, can't even SSH into the thing, have to manually unplug and re-plug And to really top it off: this thing DELETED all files on the SD card 3x after these reboots. THREE TIMES it deleted all files stored on the SD. What in the actual F. Running latest firmware
  3. Help me understand the logic of this highly acclaimed module here. 1) Where do you configure the SSID of the AP in this module? Cannot find it anywhere? 2) What happens after the user enters their credentials? Does the portal disappear and allow them to connect and browse? (no, see below) 3) This seems designed for public capture, there are no custom captive portals for home routers, for example, like Fluxion which has 70+ in multiple languages? Am I missing something or this some rookie captive portal stuff here? Where is the customization? Adding: #1 - done under Network Management, ok, fine. #2 - you're offering a user Free WiFi, asking for their credentials and then showing them THIS in a courier font: "You have not been authorized." - for real? Yeah, this isn't suspect. The Captive should simply CLOSE OUT and let them browse the web thinking they authenticated. Who thought of this "you have not been authorized" nonsense craziest thing I've seen - LOL. This thing also works 50% of the time, crazy buggy and poorly integrated within the UI of the Pineapple Dashboard. Happy to help and contribute to the project but basics like this make no sense. Finally, there should be a basic WINDOW/UI in the EvilPortal section that shows the contents of what you captured. User shouldn't have to open a shell to get this. If we're gonna be playing in the shell, might as well use Fluxion which has 100x more control over everything. Just an FYI. Show the capture.
  4. Just wondering if there's a bug with installing SSLsplit dependencies on the latest NANO FW or if I'm doing something wrong. I'm getting multiple "not installed" errors when attempting to install dependencies of SSLsplit to either the NANO or the SD card directly. Nano 2.6.2 // SSLstrip v1.5 Thx
  5. Echo this statement. The 8812AU chipset has given me a myriad of headaches under KALI and ParrotSec. What a pain in the ass chipset / driver combo. The driver itself is a frankenstein creation and has buggy support, hangs and crashes the system, can't inject properly, just a royal PITA. Shame since it can do dual band 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz as well as AC but nu bueno for now. Stay away for sure.
  6. Note: I do not see the SD card volume when running: fdisk -l
  7. Familiar with the public Evil Portal pages available (TWTR, YHO, STBCKS) on Github but just started using the NANO... Are there Access Point captive portals available for various AP make/models similar to Fluxion? I.e. ARRIS, LINKSYS, etc. all have custom captive pages ready to go and capture. Can't seem to find or locate these and would be annoying to have to create from scratch given that they exist in Fluxion... Thx
  8. Yes super JV question here but cannot mount or see the SD card on the NANO within LINUX or OSX for that matter. Just can't mount it. Card is good, reformatted, initialized, taking data. I've managed to SSH into the NANO and copy files on the SD directly, but easiest commands to mount the SD card sitting in the NANO to the desktop for a quick accesable drive? Thx
  9. Just a dumb dumb question. Learn the basics of networking first. This isn’t The Net. Lol.
  10. HI all - bit of a general question here, would hope to learn more about exactly what is going on technically. I'm attempting to test and capture a handshake from my own AP (an older Apple Airport router). I've used various tools from airgeddon to wifite to fluxion to manual airodump-ng and the weird thing is: I cannot see a single client connect to the AP. But my laptop and two mobile devices are connected. I've even disabled/enabled WiFi on the mobile device during a fluxion passive listening attack, mdk3 doesn't work, nothing sees any clients. I've also run the same experiment on a new Airport Extreme AP, and it captures just fine and sees clients. For this, I'm using an ALFA adapter with the Ralink RT3070 chipset (802.11b/g/n) @ 2.5Ghz. I'll boot up the Nano which I just got recently next, but just curious as to WHY various tools are unable to see clients, therefore unable to deauth (or even passively listen) to ultimately capture the CAP Thanks!
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