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  1. BATTERY command says its full. However, if I disconnect the power, it will shutdown in 15-30 seconds. Please see attached screenshot @Darren Kitchen. Thanks
  2. The red switch is too fidgety to start with and I cannot get the device to be powered ON (on its own) for more than 15-30 seconds. Definitely a great tool but very disappointed with quality. I have all but 2 suite of products from Hak5 and it hurts because shipping is crazy to Canada
  3. I received my Shark Jack today. I charged the Shark Jack till the light turned solid blue. Then connected it to my laptop, Upgraded firmware successfully. Now if I disconnect it (fully charged) and go to any more (ARM or Attack). It will NOT boot up. If I connect the charging cable in any of these modes, it will immediately boot up in the desired mode. But I have to connect it to boot up. After boot up, if I disconnect it, its fine and will continue operating for a minute or two and then the light goes off. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. We use Cisco Umbrella and AMP and CES. All work fantastic
  5. Have you tried Cisco or Cisco Meraki? Send me a PM and I can assist with your VPN
  6. Look for it on other amazon sites from other countries. .. .com has the best luck with that
  7. When the rubber ducky is plugged into a MAC with the latest OS (Catalina), it will ask for a keyboard setup. How can that be bypassed?
  8. Running an Ubuntu Linux server. 18.04. Transferred the file over: c2_community-linux-64 When I tried to run it as sudo, I got he error as below. Any ideas? Segmentation fault (core dumped)
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