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  1. Hi thank you for replying I've done research on the frequencies that are used by the drone, looking up via the FCC website. Frequency Range 2.4055 - 2.4775 GHz 2.4075 - 2.4655 GHz 2.4105 - 2.4715 GHz 5.7285 - 5.8465 GHz 5.7305 - 5.8445 GHz 5.7355 - 5.8395 GHz So these are the frequencies and I believe the modulation is FHSS, which as what you have mentioned prevent jamming/interference by changing channels at a fast rate. I am currently researching on GPS spoofing via the HackRF One, hopefully it will confuse the user or the drone... May I know what kind of experience you had with drones and HackRF one? I'm not afraid to destroy the drone as it is for academic and research purposes... I'm not sure if the HackRF One can jam, let's say the entire 5.7355 - 5.8395 GHz ...for example
  2. Hi I would like to know if the HackRF one can transmit RF signals over a range. Let's say I would like to jam between 5.7GHz and 5.8Ghz in a Faradaay cage. Is that possible?
  3. Hi I'm a beginner in using HackRF One. I have a Mavic 2 drone and I was wondering if I can conduct any attacks using the HackRF One, whether replay or GPS jamming/spoofing or even taking control of it entirely. I have GNU radio installed and if there is anyone who has had experience in dealing with drones and their radio frequencies, I really really appreciate if you could help me. It's for a project to detect vulnerabilities of the drone and there is no malicious intent. Thank you.
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