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  1. Hello, if you do not have any backup, you can use a data recovery software to recover your files, I personally recommend Bitwar Data Recovery, this tool ofeer s 30-day free trial without space limitation. Maybe you can just have a try. Hope it still helps, have a nice day forward!
  2. Hi, I have used a tool called Bitwar Data Recovery, I think this tool is good to use. It can recovery almost all file types, I have used it to recover my images, photos, and videos. In addition, this tool offers 30-day free trial, so you do not need to worry and have a try. Hope it can help you.
  3. Hi, For data recovery, you can just download a program on your Android phone. There are many choices on the net, but if you want a free and efficient one, there are not many programs to choose from. I used the Bitwar Data Recovery which is free and good to use, maybe you can also have a try.
  4. Hi, you can format SD card by using Disk Management : Press Win+R and type “diskmgmt.msc” in the window, a Disk Management window pops up after clicking OK. Right-click the SD card and choose Format, you can choose the file system and tick perform a quick format to let the system format the SD card. If your Sd card cannot be formatted due to corrupt card, you can update the USB device driver. Enter into Device Manager by typing” devmgmt.msc” in the Win+R window, and then choose “Update Driver Software”. But note that to format your SD card, remember to make a backup, you can also download Bitwar Data Recovery tool which I have used before, I think it's safe. While there are many choices too, just choose the one you like
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