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  1. I would move this but there doesn't seem a function available to me for that... so as I have asked in an edit of another post, "Can an admin move this to the correct section please" so I don't have to start this post from scratch just because I found the "Questions channel" before I found a specific place to post about Packet Squirrel matters??
  2. Of the three PS I bought, 1 & 3 have upgraded, but 2 is still acting like a tiny brick. Formatting the USB from the device, worked, but never flashed the PS at reboot. Formatting the USB in a Linux system to ext4 never flashed the PS at boot. Formatting the USB in a Win7Pro laptop to NTFS, worked, but wasn't until the third time tried, that it flashed the PS at boot. All tests were performed with the single stick that worked to flash PS #3 initially. My assumption is that the PS simply isn't recognizing the file I was using for some odd reason, the first two times tried
  3. Packet Squirrel (current version) purchased within the last month, but with old firmware, version 3.1 The upgrade file I tried ... from the OpenWRT site, on a brand new, just out-the-wrapper, Packet Squirrel, using sysupgrade. No go. This link is sorted to Hak5 listed products: https://openwrt.org/toh/views/toh_fwdownload?dataflt[0]=supported+current+rel_%3D18.06.4&dataflt[Brand*~]=Hak5 Where I found this and assumed it was a sanctioned version: HAK5 Packet Squirrel 18.06.4 Atheros AR9331 ar7
  4. @Cap_Sig Thanks for your time and reply. Had I looked down further on the page when first I came to the forum, I would have seen that thread, but I first scoped on "Questions", and began to post, in haste... and I have since found the thread you mentioned. Can an admin move this post there? I will try the suggested method from the link you supplied, but have had some troubles with the USB being recognized even in the other two without using the internal USB format command suggested as a workaround in other threads related to the Packet Squirrel. I already tried the method suggested, but I
  5. You didn't answer even once I stated which hardware. I posted the above, then realized that there is no means (couldn't see what wasn't activated for me yet) to edit my post and add what device I was referring to, so I guess that's "my bad" from the start asking this question in the wrong place. Especially once I found that I only get 4 posts per day. I have been building Redhat since the original v6.0 and Mandrake same vintage, in fact got both disks in the mail the some time before Christmas in 1996, which isn't 24 years yet. Can you answer my question, or are we jousting here
  6. I bought 3 packet squirrels to test with, thinking that I could use the OpenWRT Image Builder to build something custom instead of what comes in it, out of the box, so to speak. Tried the update. Didn't work when I followed the upgrade path detailed in the pages of online documentation. No go. Having tried the USB method, I then tried placing the bin file in /tmp and running the upgrade command directly. No go. So I tried a custom ROM bin file I created using the OpenWRT Image Builder, didn't flash from USB, so I tried the Manual Method, as I did with the stock upgrade bin file curre
  7. Yes, or no. I have been building Linux systems since 1996, and I don't think my question was answered, directly. So I will make it plain vanilla. Can a custom bin file be installed in the same manner as the stock builds provided by the Hak5 Team? The Open WRT site has a ROM listed for the Packet Squirrel, and the detailed directions there also point to the use of the OpenWRT Image Builder. Can WE use them to build into the current Packet Squirrel??
  8. I tried using the default upgrade process for Packet Squirrel to attempt to install a custom ROM I built using the OpenWRT Image Builder because I found the Reference Board I believe is used by Packet Squirrel within the options to build to using that image builder. Now it won't start at all. A simple flash in the LED when I plug it in is all I get. Did I brick this device?
  9. I have considered creating a custom built ROM for this new Packet Squirrel using the OpenWRT Image Builder, because I want to use StrongSwan instead of OpenVPN. Is upgrading to a custom built image possible, or are we only able to use that which the Hak5 Team has created? If upgrading to custom ROM is possible, what install steps are different from the default upgrade process? Details of what I have tried are below in a follow-up post, now that the edit function is available.
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