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  1. update: Ok so after testing on Linux (newest version of the pineapple) the network adapter is visible, tough currently deauthentication isn't working (on my network) update2: after doing setup on Linux network adapter shows on windows as well update3: deauthentication works when targeting single device while a when targeting a network still doesn't work
  2. it's fine trust me i have an history with overlooking things XD will start with firmware 2.5 on Linux and report status.
  3. i have some experience with Linux although minimal, i will try to update different image (Version right?) , what version would you recommend\recon is the most stable? thanks for the advice:)
  4. thanks for your understanding and condolences, i feel the same
  5. Hello staff/dev's/enthusiasts I have lost hope for the nano 2 years ago after i couldn't get it to work but then a few days ago i saw there were a LOT of updates so i decided to update, and see maybe my issues were fixed. so it tool me 30 min to get it connected and then i downloaded the update trough the web interface. this is where everything goes Banana's, i can no longer see a network interface from the nano on my windows machine, after a few restarts i gave up and tried doing it from the access point, it won't give me a valid ip address so i still can't access the web interface
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