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  1. Some pointers as I can't seem to edit my previous post. 1) Starting of the module only works from the Management AP, otherwise hangs on the pineapple logo. 2) POST data doesn't get captured properly. It goes without saying that it would be best to wait for an official patch (if there ever will be one) rather than reinstalling the whole python package like I suggested. Do this at your own risk please, installing newer python version may break some other modules. Although unlikely, it's still possible.
  2. Hello, just made this account to post a (possible) fix. - As @Dudulica pointed out, this issue probably occurs because of missing / incorrectly linked python hashlib library. To verify, SSH into the pineapple and try to run the Dwall script with: /usr/bin/python /pineapple/modules/DWall/assets/DWall.py If you encounter an error along the lines of: from hashlib import sha1 ImportError: cannot import name sha1 then don’t worry. Try the steps below. FIX: Use Pineapple’s package manager to update python (from SSH, internet connection required😞 opkg update opkg install python Reboot the Pineapple, module should work now. If the problem still persists you can try to install python-pip with opkg and then download hashlib with it: pip install hashlib. I’m using Pineapple Tetra with the newest firmware - 2.6.1. - @PineAppleTetraDoesNOtWork, can you tell me whether this resolved your issue?
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