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  1. After hours of running into the same issues as everyone else (aka arming mode) I reformatted the USB to FAT32 and it seemed to fix all the issues. Booted and loaded a payload off FAT32 USB, went into attack mode. Pressed the button on the bottom (about 1 second) and it went into arming mode Was able to connect to Owl_XXXX and SSH into the device. Hope this helps everyone. - MY
  2. Formatted the USB in Fat32, everything works now... not sure what happened but all seems to be working now...
  3. I have tried (and tried) to get the Signal Owl into arming mode, now after a 1.0.1 upgrade (which seemed to be successful) and trying to load the arming-mode payload the Owl shows no lights after the initial boot. Anyone else experience this or have any ideas what to do to fix this? - MY
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