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  1. I've been running a dedicated kali machine on a Toshiba salellite L15W with zero problem's
  2. nah ' not a dumb question . sounds like the Mandingo just needs to be put in the right path, that's all
  3. solid advice, Don't get your self in trouble nothing good comes from it Mandingo get into a after school computer program or something, or get on a CTF team or something fun, www.picoCTF.com
  4. Sorry Mandingo for jumping the gun, " https://github.com/adde88/SSLSplitNG " this was the one that wasn't working but it seem to be working now.
  5. keep getting a 404 link doesn't seem to work to github
  6. tin foil hat "nah" Personally i feel like its a no-brainer , welcome to America 👽
  7. I would have to agree on the " depends on who is actually on duty and their experience of dealing with electronic gizmos " the battery rules , kind of confuse me, i recently flown "delta" to Tokyo japan , at the begin of September , had a external battery pack for my phone, never got flagged "going/return trip" want to the Philippines right after my japan trip got flagged with the battery pack, wasn't able to bring it on the plane , both times was delta, same international airport so not exactly sure how that works hahahahah but tha
  8. oh sNap, after seeing that thing contraption i should be fine, that's a lot Mandingo ,
  9. hey Mandingo's anyone ever have any problems with trying to get a pineapple on a flight ? just doing a little home work, before i trying taking both on a flight with me.
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