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  1. In your case, it is better to recover partition free. There are special programs for this. If the files are encrypted, then they can also be restored.
  2. Now i play on the console.
  3. When I was in college, we always checked our work for uniqueness, which we passed to the teacher for verification in electronic format. I used various free services, such as CheckText and others. If the text had a high level of plagiarism, then I copied it.
  4. My knowledge is not yet enough to implement such projects.
  5. You need to connect good protection against DDoS attacks. Perhaps change the hosting to a more reliable one. You also need to block the IP addresses from which the attacks are coming. Connect website monitoring 24/7 host-tracker.com to monitor the site and get notifications if there are problems.
  6. Is your offer still relevant?
  7. Now my favorite mobile game is CoD Mobile!😈
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