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  1. I solved the problem by setting both the mac filter and the ssid filter to deny, altough they weren't filled with any SSID's or MAC-Adresses. Hope this will help someone.
  2. Of course i meant Rogue. I just mistyped, but obviously you knew what I meant. So have you got any constructive advices?
  3. Sorry for adding something once more, but maybe this is an important detail: After trying to connect my devices manually to the Rouge Ap's I always saw De-Associations in the PineAP-Log, but never Associations
  4. *I also tried to connect to the Rouge AP's with my Windows 10 Pc, a Linux Pc, a Mac and an Android Phone
  5. I got my Pineapple Nano a few days ago and I am already having an unsolvable problem. After receiving it I wanted to test the Pineapple by simply using the PineAP-Suite. Recon worked fine, I chose a target device (which was my Iphone) added it to the PineAP-Filter and started creating Rouge-AP's. I sent deauth-packets to my Iphone, it disconnected, however it didnt connect to the rouge AP's, not even when I tried to connect it manually (not able to connect to this network). I checked everything a hundred times (the filters are set correctly, the pineapple is connected to the internet, allow as
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