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  1. Those are good tools, so are Anti-Beacon and Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4. I just disable everything with GPO, and powershell myself. I thought this might also be of some use to you: https://github.com/Sycnex/Windows10Debloater
  2. Most of the time the only time my face is free of a computer is when I sleep, even then I'm dreaming about computers.
  3. So my friend gave me a mark v, it's on Firmware Version 1.2.0. I've tried updated it with scp to 3 bet and 2.4, I use scp /home/user/downloads/upgrade-2.4.0.bin root@ and I get: /home/desu/downloads/upgrade-2.4.0.bin: No such file or directory I try connecting to wifi and using the bar, but it just says error connecting. Please check your internet connection!
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