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  1. I let it soak idle for about a day and a half, and its uptime says 1 day, 13 hours. This isn't much of a test, but the lack of instability at this point using the factory firmware (v2.4.1) is promising.
  2. I followed the recovery procedure recommended by Cap_Sig. After the second attempt, the Tetra presented its normal set-up interface. After setting up, it presented its normal UI. I'll leave it running for the day and see if it's still operating normally in 12 hours or so. Thanks much for the help, Cap_Sig and Jtyle6!
  3. I used the Y cable first, as directed in the quick start card, as described in the initial problem statement. I did try it again later, and no joy. According to the cited article: The recommended and only guaranteed power method is by using the included 12V DC adapter.
  4. I continued to experiment with the standard USB cable and the AC adaptor plugged in. When I first apply power, a blue lamp flashes on the Tetra, and after a few seconds the network interface goes from the Unplugged to the Not Connected state. Sometimes the blue lamp goes solid and after several more seconds the Mac interface gets a self-assigned IP address. Then an amber lamp on the Tetra illuminates (the blue one extinguishes), and the Mac interface alternates between the Unplugged and Not Connected states. Then all lamps on the Tetra extinguish, and after a few seconds the blue one starts flashing again and the process repeats. It now appears that there is some instability in the Tetra's power supply. This is a Tetra MK5.8.
  5. I think I've eliminated the cable. I plugged in the AC adaptor, then used a standard USB-A to micro USB cable plugged into the Tetra's ETH1 port. Same result as described above. So the Tetra may be defective.
  6. I purchased a WiFi Pineapple Tetra a while back, and unboxed after storing it for over a year. Using the supplied Y-cable, I plug the micro-USB end into the Tetra's ETH port and both USB-A connections into a powered USB hub. Only one of the ports on the hub lights up, the one with the plug having both cables attached. (The light on the port with the plug connected to the single thin cable does not illuminate.) In my Mac's Network Preferences, I named a new interface "Pineapple - Tetra". That interface alternates between the "Unplugged" (cable not connected) and "Not Connected" (cable connected but computer does not have an IP address). I observed it once briefly getting an IP address before going into the Unplugged state. This is true even if I plug in the AC adaptor for power. I did not hold the reset button while powering-up the Tetra. I loaned the device to a friend who has set one up successfully in the past, and she says it doesn't work and I should return it. I suspect a bad cable. I don't see a replacement cable offered on the web site. What do I do next?
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