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    Signal Owl and C2

    Ok I found the answer to my own question, so I will share this if someone is running into the same problems. It will not connect automatically to the C2 instance. The command "C2CONNECT" is needed within the payload.txt file. My /root/payload/payload.txt: $HOST> cat payload.txt # WiFi Client Setup WIFI_SSID="OpenWLAN" WIFI_PASS="123456789" LED R SUCCESS WIFI_CONNECT C2CONNECT LED R SINGLE
  2. Hi I'm currently playing around with the signal owl. I'm trying to include it into my c2 instance which doesn't work. The Signal Owl is connecting to my open wlan but it looks like it isn't connecting. I copied the device.config to the /etc/directory to configure the C2 server. This worked on the pineapple before. Anyone experience the same issues? The c2 server is running on TCP 443 with SSL (letsencrypt). BusyBox v1.30.1 () built-in shell (ash) .___. {o,o} /)__) Hak5 Signal Owl " " Version 1.0.1 ======================================= Built on OpenWRT 19.07 =======================================
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