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  1. And I have tetra too, you have a right this is a sh*t
  2. What do you think about bashbunny? Is it better than rubber ducky? I have bashbunny and I think about buying rubber ducky.
  3. I can't find simple script.... I want run exe file from bashbunny storage (example switch1) because scripts like a https://github.com/hak5/bashbunny-payloads/tree/master/payloads/library/execution/exe_UACBypassD%26E dosent work,this payload run vbs script but my file from cloud is dont running.
  4. So,we wait for this. But you have to admit that the latest update just made this device worthless. Even the handshake cannot be captured, 70% of the modules do not work when the downgrade device to version 2.5.4 already has the handshake working but some useful modules do not work either (including dwall).
  5. Can you tell me how to do manual firmware update? because in pineapple (advanced->upgrade) I find link in which the instruction appears to be but when I open page I see only recovery instruction and automatic upgrade. ,, For recovry or manual upgrade instructions and help visit Https://wifipineapple.com/?flashing" But I dont see something like manual upgrade here.
  6. ahh yes I'm stupid,I off my network connection now is work,I will test modules soon.
  7. I have a problem with this recovery. this is my router web page,when I type another ip (example dont work And I dont have eth1 but enx001337a76f4f but this is normal for my linux system, he was always be weird
  8. So, I noticed that payloads don't work like: -ALL execution -ALL remote_access -ALL exfiltration - In prank only work Notepad_fun - ALL credentials - In recon only works InfoGrabber and nmaper (I only tested that in this category so maybe works more) I tested only that,thanks.
  9. Thanks for your reply I will downgrade my firmware and check the result. I know how to capture handshake and I do that before with my laptop with kali linux system,but I buy this device for do that also.
  10. Device: Wifi pineapple tetra [latest firmware] I cant even capture handshake with recon or Site Survey, deauth works but I dont get handshake anytime (tested on my devices and network) so this device dont have a sense now, pineapple dont see my usb external storage, dwall dont work (when I click enable and start listening I only see loading logo anytime and nothing is happen) I have this more. Please FIX that or tell me how to do that because for now I use that as my new router.
  11. Why 95% scripts dont work? I have latest firmware,example I want run .exe payload (D&E ) or something like that,I see bashbunny run but nothing is happen and I dont get payload. Tested on many computers/payloads and systems
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