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  1. wanted to see if I can use an alpha wireless adapter instead of the one that is sold on hak5 the tiny one
  2. hey guys I tried to connect my wifi pineapple nano t my phone couple times in the last two months first the problem to was restarting a lot and it is still even do it the new thing now I try to connect it to my phone and try to tether It and the usb tether account is greyed not opened I tried different cables same thing happen don't have any idea what is the problem can anyone help me ????
  3. I mean any apps that can make it work but full img not ssh
  4. So guys i use kali a lot in vm but i have iPad pro so i think it will be good to run kali on ipad since i can take it everywhere and hack on it Do u have any ideas to do that any links any advices
  5. how did install the config file I can't and don't know how??
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