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  1. I was on firmware 2.6.1 which gave me hell. I had to downgrade to 2.5.4 to try to get the modules I need installed for class, now my SD card wont get recognized at all even after formatting it on the pineapple and on window using FAT. I have done a firmware recovery and upgraded the firmware to the version needed with still not much luck with it not acting like a pile of crap. I just need to use EvilPortal and DNSMASQ but those wont even work.
  2. I have had absolutely nothing but problems with this device. If i didnt need it for school i would have returned it ASAP. I have spent hours every week trying to get the damn thing to work just to use it for a class lab, between it randomly restarting, to it needing to be factory reset constantly for the internet to work, its just a giant headache. I will not be recommending this device to anyone.
  3. Dev here, ill probably start making some soon. Thanks for the tutorial.
  4. I think what needs to happen is modules need to become officially supported and the team works them with firmware updates so this stuff doesnt happen. Utilizing pineAP bridged to a kali box would be the only useful part of the pineapple it seems and some of its injection capability. For Hak5 advertising this device as the pen testers wet dream, i can see the application and potential but so far this has been nothing but a giant pain in the ass lol. By no means is this to be taken as a slap at hak5 either, i understand how this all can be a house of cards as a developer myself.
  5. Im done and moving to kali, even with 2.5 it installs but sslsplit wont detect any traffic and the iptables look fine.
  6. Right, its just the class specifically wants us to use a pineapple, the teacher said for now kali is fine but idk how long thats gonna be an option.
  7. working on it again now, ill let you know how it goes, its incredibly frustrating because I need this crap for grad school and have been wasting time trying to fix the damn thing instead of homework.
  8. The pineapple never had anything installed until 2.6.1, i just got it last week. I have tried different firmware versions with no much luck. Do you know which firmware version sslsplit currently works with? It seems the move from openwrt 15 to 19 may have been the killer for a lot of these modules.
  9. polarproxy, being able to get a pcap of stripped traffic would be great.
  10. Whats the most recent firmware version supported for sslsplit2 + dns2proxy?
  11. I was able to install dependencies after rolling back but then the modules were not working properly. For example, with firmware 2.5.4, sslsplit when clicking start did nothing, and for 2.4.2 it actually started but wouldnt capture any thing. I stopped troubleshooting last night at like 1am so ill try more tonight
  12. No, I rolled the firmware back and still am having new issues come up. It seems to be a module issue and not a pineapple issue itself. Do you have a recommended firmware version to run sslsplit and dwall?
  13. With version 2.6.0 and later, SSLSplit and many other wifi pineapple modules are not fully installing when "install dependencies is selected". So here is the problem I believe, 2.6.0 firmware notes contain this: “Update firmware base from OpenWRT 15.05 to OpenWRT 19.07.” Moving from OpenWRT 15.05 to 19.07 is breaking the available packages that the pineapples package manager can find. In OpenWRT 19.07, SSLSplit is not available and the same goes for many other pineapple modules and their dependencies. To resolve this issue you will need to revert to firmware version 2.5.4 Hope
  14. Quick not, this is not all modules doing this, only some.
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