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  1. How would I set this up on basic hosting plan from domain.com
  2. Has anyone had issues with c2 cloud shutting down after 20 minutes of use ? I have a cron job 0,30 to accommodate but how do I keep the server up 24 7 ?
  3. You need to run c2, create a profile for your device, then download the connection file from c2 and ssh into shark Jack and copy it to the location specified in the documentation.
  4. Thank you sir, I appreciate all your hard work and look forward to the update. I have access to a sandboxed network at my college and have been given permission to test any equipment I purchased from Hak5 there.
  5. @Darren Kitchen would you mind letting us know when the Shark Jack will be Cloud C2 ready ?
  6. thank you, i'll wait for an update. the documentations states the need to enable it manually with command above and the Cloud C2 gives you the device.config file for it, but there isn't a connector in the device that i can see from the cli.
  7. Looking it up. There is only the firmware 1.0 released and no upgrade instructions. There is no c2 folder in the init.d Any assistance getting this connected to c2 cloud is appreciated.
  8. -ps this was out of the box, I may have to flash to new firmware. I will test again and post my findings soon.
  9. As per the instructions i downloaded the device config and used scp to put in /etc folder The additional instruction was to manually start it. /etc/init.d/c2 start I placed this at the bottom of the pre installed payload and nothing happened. It did the nmap and made the loot file internally but did not make a connection. I verified the c2 domain was active the whole time. Please let me know what I'm doing wrong.
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