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  1. I did full firmware recovery but nothing working 😞
  2. I tried at 10mins but still "There is no logged probes for this MAC Address.
  3. Hi, I try to load the logged probes with all the device that in Recon result scan but there are no logged probes found. I also check the vendor of router and I don't see it too. If I want to know the vendor of a router or devices under that router, I will use MAC info module. It is fine but I have to copy and past. I watched Darren's video introduced version 2.5 and he could load logged probes and see vendor of router and devices in the router. Is it because the version of 2.7.0?
  4. I get the same issue. I tried above suggestion but still the issue not working
  5. I can capture the pcap files but when I click on the tick sign to stop capture the file, my OnePlus3 restart. I can't open my pcap files on pcapfex but I can open the pcap files on Wireshark.
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