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  1. Hi, HTTPS still not being blocked when using Evil Portal, at list in NANO.
    Can you tell me a workaround to block all traffic until authorized?

  2. 2.6.1 Dwall 1.3 Same not working situation. After I cleck enable in dwall, pinapple nano dies. I have to reboot. No recon anymore. Good job
  3. Ettercap module dependencies not installing... Nothing works... I can't understand with hak5 allow third party modules and dont test them....
  4. Well same in my pinapple nano, currently is a stone, continually sleep, dependencies are not installed, sd not detected, modules not working...Hurry up with those fixes...
  5. How to do that? Connect by ssh and then?
  6. Firmware 2.6.0 Nano "DWall is currently not running." I click in ENABLE and nothing happens... I remove , I install, rm libcap,blab blab bla... No way to make it works... I am really disapointed with pinapple nano, most of modules has problems even installing dependencies...
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