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  1. After some testing, I'm able to use these settings: LED ON CAPTURE_MODE VIDEO STORAGE FILL BUTTON EJECT VIDEO_BITRATE HIGH CAPTURE_INTERVAL 180 This creates files of almost 3 min video recordings. I was not successful to use the value 200 (or higher). I have not found any parameter to turn on the sound. Is this possible? I still like to capture longer sequences.
  2. I'm in the same situation regarding video and space. But if we need to store 1000 KB/s ( got about 600KB/s from the 4 sec snapshots test), 128G should be able to store much more then a normal working day.
  3. This will not help me to passively capture a session. I need to find another solution then. My understanding was that this would work as a video TAP with restrictions of the SD card, not missing any frame. Putting this on the conference systems HDMI cable would have made it seamless and easy to use. What settings should you use to capture 10 min of video?
  4. None of these settings works out that well. Here are the best explanations I have found of the settings. I'm not able to capture any segment longer then a couple of seconds. It would be good to find some settings to capture at least 30 min to one hour per segment. It should fit in a 128G SD card.
  5. What are the best settings for capturing every frame for a long time? (2 H meeting or even a work day.) I'd like to do "Video Capture" like "Save full motion video in MPEG4 format at 2, 4 or 16 Mbps quality and never miss a frame of the action". All the settings I have seen and tested breaks up the video into segments. Thanks!
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