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  1. Also even though i formatted the sd card, it wasn't giving me an option to install the modules on it rather the internal memory. was i missing something?
  2. You're a life saver man, everything is sorted. Just one more question tho So i did the whole setup through linux this time and used Darren ws6.sh script for the internet sharing. However, I can't seem to be able to connect to the internet through the UI to download modules and what not. So my question is do you reckon i can still acess the UI from my mac since it seemed to work over there or will i be stuck with Linux as the intital setup took place there?
  3. Thank you so much mate. So basically i've typed down sudo ifconfig eth1 netmask up, which enabled my to access and update the firmware. So as of this moment, the update has been going on for about 15 mins. Should i now reset the Pineapple facing USB Ethernet interface back to DHCP or with netmask by pretty much typing the same command but with putting the 172 address? I can't tell if it did reboot or not still tho because it has blinked a couple of times about 2-3 minutes ago, that's what im tryna make sure of right no
  4. Hey lovely people, So i've just received my Nano earlier today and was playing around with it for a little bit. I had issues with devices connecting to the open AP, so i decided to factory reset it after buying a SD card because it does apparently fix the issue for some reason. However, after i went through with pressing the factory reset button from the webpage, i gave it about 3 minutes and there was suddenly a power cut. So right now im terrified that it might be bricked. The blue light is still blinking, but it's been like for that about 15 minutes and i can't neither access the
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