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  1. Asked too soon, found the directory (/etc/config/) and nano'd into the 'wireless' config file.
  2. Wasnt sure if anyone has gone about password protecting their owl when in arming mode. Ive been searching around the owl's directories and cant seem to find where the config file is located to do just that (ie. change the default open AP from owl_XXXX, and password protect it). Any pointers would be greatly appreciated, or if this is simply a dumb question then by all means point that out as well haha! Happy hacking!
  3. Curious if anyone has seen conflicting results when conducting a recon scan where an AP in question displays no connected clients, however when a survey is conducted in conjunction with an airodump and wireshark capture the resulting scan displays clients sending probe requests/responses to the AP in question? I conducted a scan with both my Nano, and my Tetra, and the dual band AP shows absolutely 0 connected clients. I let the scan run for several hours (continuous scan), and other access points in the vicinity of the one in question shows connected clients. Which tells me Recon mode is working working just fine, so it isnt a bug. Would there be some type of configuration such as a mesh which would throw me such results? Thoughts?
  4. I've read through that thread and am still confused as to the point in including Kismet on the Owl if it requires internet calling back to a kismet server. Am I correct in saying that the Signal Owl will operate as a kismet client, and not like if I were to run kismet on my Parrot OS laptop where it runs the server and client? My goal is to use the Owl as a compact/portable wardriving/war-walking box I can throw in my bag or car.
  5. anyone figure out how to run kismet on the signal out yet? My ideal setup is to have it hooked up to USB power with my gps dongle and go wardriving. Trying to find a tutorial, but I cant seem to find anyone how has had success running kismet on the owl just yet.
  6. I was curious if anyone was having issues: A- starting up the server on Mac using the -https, and being able to navigate to the web UI B- once the pineapple has the device.config file in /etc/ having the pineapple call to the C2 server on the Mac
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