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  1. Thank you for the prompt reply. De-Duping on the Cloud C2 server is fine. I think I can actually figure that out myself. I apologize for not getting into the machine and looking to see how the magic happens, but is there a way we could map which parts of the screen are captured in the crab itself? Out of all the 1080p screen real estate, there's only a small window which I really need to capture. Being able to paste in new payloads via C2 is really handy.
  2. how often are you saving? Perhaps you're saving images too often and there's a bandwidth issue or perhaps the interval is too long and none have saved, yet. To confirm, you are managing the device in Cloud C2? Do your other tools store loot on your Cloud C2?
  3. First off, this amazing box is outstanding and perfect for capturing installs of out of box equipment when I build tech/field docs for installers/techs. I've got a 256GB MicroSD and I run 5 second picture captures. The de-dupe is great, but I'm sending so much data up to my VPS, it's going to be an issue if I leave for a month and don't unplug the box. So I know there's image tools to de-dupe, but is there a way to mask areas in the display out so they never get uploaded if only a clock is changing? I could take 1 image a day or some other variable. I suppose I could take a look at the configs and learn that on my own, but then I'd forget to post it here for others to use.
  4. Are you sure the switch is all the way closest to the USB thumb drive port? Are you able to login to the squirrel from the LAN side and run a uname -a to see what version is running now? Is it not coming up to your C2 Cloud server after you load the device.config into /etc? Was it working before on C2 Cloud or as a standalone device?
  5. Toady - That is EXACTLY the information I was looking for here today. Excellent find/fix. Solution is: chmod 755 /etc/init.d/cc-client reboot
  6. Confirm the file system type on your USB - NTFS or EXT4.
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