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  1. you're probably in the same boat many of us are with the 2.6 firmware - I recommend rolling back to factory-default firmware. There's a message in this thread on how to do it. I rolled mine back, and its now working as expected.
  2. Hi all, I'm new here and have a question about the modules. These were a major selling point of Hak5's products. I love the idea. They are why I just spent what I did on a number of these products. My question is, who owns/supports the modules? They seem like they are partially community-driven and partially Hak5-driven. When some of you say that the modules need to be updated, does that mean that, as a general practice, 3rd party (independent) devs have to update/test their modules after a release goes to public release? Does that mean that Hak5 doesn't take responsibility for the functionality of the modules? Does that mean that, as occurred in this case, a software update can be expected to break them and the community doesn't find out until we begin reporting that the update broke our devices? For any Hak5 reps on this board, was the 2.6 software release coordinated with the module devs or was any testing conducted to see that your modules worked with the update? Is this a common situation with Hak5's software releases? If so, I will try to avoid upgrading until the community tests future releases (unfortunately, i didn't have that option with this release because my unit was new and I didn't have the option to not update when I did my initial setup). Thanks for helping the noob out.
  3. Mine didn't take the first couple of tries. I just got the yellow light that didn't go away. I powered down and took another run at it and it decided to work. Hope you have the same luck.
  4. Update - after retrying the factory firmware revert process, I was able to get the device back to the tetra_factory.bin load. What intermediate firmware does this community recommend updating to, or should I sit on this load until 2.6 is tested and updated?
  5. Just got my Tetra yesterday & promptly bricked it with the 2.6 firmware. Now, I'm attempting the factory firmware restore & have it at the yellow light, but my PC won't recognize the ETH USB port as an ethernet interface any more. As excited as I was to get my hands on this product, I'm now starting to regret dropping the cash I did on what has so far been a wifi router recovery puzzle. I could do that for free by trying to flash Tomato to the old Linksys I have somewhere in my closet. This isn't a good first impression, Hak5. Anyone here have advice on how to do something with this Pineapple? Its just staring at me, emptily, with that one yellow light...
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