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  1. On the Nano after manually mounting an SD Card most modules install fine except for SSLSplit. Running the dependencies.sh script manually shows quite a few errors including "Unknown package 'sslsplit'.
  2. HOW TO MAKE IT WORK-ISH - THIS IS NOT A FIX: dmesg shows the sd card is sda1 now. in /dev there is no sdcard folder. fstab points to /dev/sdcard/sd1. I'm guessing in this firmware the device id changed. I changed the fstab to point to /dev/sda1 and manually kicked off mount -a from ssh. The SD card then mounted to /sd and when I went to Manage Modules on the web interface it gave me the option to install to SD card. Now I'm not great at this but I see some stuff that needs to be fixed: 1: sda1 instead of /dev/sdcard/sd1. 2: sda1 seems to randomly dissappear and reappear as sdb1: removing the SD and Re-Inserting it makes it go back to sda1. 3: Booting with the SD Card inserted rarely makes the card show up at all so you will need to reseat the card, validate you have it in /dev as sda1, then mount -a. 4: The script that formats the card all points to /dev/sdcard/sd1 so it wont work in this configuration either.
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