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  1. Just in case this helps anyone on Kali2 when running the wp6.sh script. It appears that the script tries to add the 'ip route', but for me it never did. So I went in and added the route manually: 'sudo ip route add dev eth2'. Eth2 was the eth port my pineapple connected on when plugging in the micro USB. I then re-ran the script using the 'C' option (you may need to run the guided first) and then everything worked. You can also check your routes by running: 'ip route' You should have something like this: ' dev eth2 scope link'
  2. I'm having the same issue. I cannot get the payloads to copy from an external USB to the device. I have added the payloads manually, but still cannot get the wifi payload to work. I even tried to re-flash it waiting the 5-10 minutes, but after all my same configs were still there. So the re-flash didn't work.
  3. From my home I'm the same way I can see the connections (couldn't get it to work last night though), but from an engagement perspective I agree that it would be easier to have the dual network. Maybe that's why they created the C2 connect that I still need to look into. I know this product is new, but I would like to have seen a little more documentation.
  4. How do you know if it actually worked? Let's say I add my work Guest wifi network for the connection to the payload so it connects out to it. Would I just scan the wifi and see what IP has port 22 open on it and then connect via ssh?
  5. @austinwilly So you mention "After a few attempts to run this payload and about 2-3mins of waiting it was accessible VIA ssh on my network." How did you get the IP address for the owl that was assigned to it once it connected to the WiFi through the payload, did you run nmap etc. Curious how this would work with an engagement where you plug it into someone's computer have the payload connect to a wifi that you can get access to as well (Lets say an open starbucks network near the office), how do you know which IP it is so you can connect via ssh. In theory on my home network I can just l
  6. Thanks @vepr I’ll try chmod on the extension as well. @blf your explanation makes complete sense. I was about to start digging into the code and figure out when each folder is actually called on initialization. I’ll also try a different WiFi.
  7. I'm having the same trouble getting the WIFI_CONNECT to work. I created a new file under /root/payload called payload.txt with the above code in it like 'VEPR' and then ran chmod +x on it. When I attempt to run it with ./payload.txt I get: './payload.txt: line 7: WIFI_CONNECT not found. Any thoughts on this?
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