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  1. Would have been nice if there was more documentation in the box. I kept pulling the firmware above and couldn't get it to flash. Possible issue with the 2 firmware versions with same number? IDK. I've had better luck with dd-wrt. Sad when free stuff has better documentation than this. Anyways is there anyway to recover now or just throw it in the trash? Pretty disappointed with the whole thing thats for sure.
  2. Why are there two 2.6 firmware versions with different hash's. 2019-08-10 2.6.0 b63e2b13003c9f3152afa008d123e5bf4a55c881d688085303fdcf0c60cfc55f 2019-08-05 2.6.0 c96b151141fef6b510199bf0d44581ac63fa3e590c59f3a22503cc3b4a2ab661 from: https://downloads.hak5.org/pineapple/tetra Can someone from HAK5 please email me? Thanks.
  3. Thanks I can't get back into recovery. No eth on USB, or serial. Just a strong yellow and weak red and blue LED's. I am using the supplied power supply and always did. I flashed upgrade-2.6.0.bin using the recovery feature. Isn't that what its for?
  4. Maybe only yellow light is lit. Red and blue are VERY faint and almost not visible.
  5. Brought home from DEFCON and trying to get unit working. Couldn't connect with rj45 ethernet, used wifi as I was home. Tried to load the 2.6 firmware and device wouldn't load it. Verified hash and tried again. Still wouldn't download error about verification. Tried loading the 2.5. It started the and after 30 minutes system still had blue light only on. Cycled power and unit came back up. Tried again and got same results. Then tried firmware recovery. Got unit to boot into firmware recovery and loaded 2.6 firmware via usb ethernet on Unit appeared to reboot and came up with yellow blue and red lights on solid. Can't get back into recovery or primary page. Whats up wid dat. Is this product now done and I have a $200 brick? Any help HAK5?
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