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  1. Somone know how change the clkout to clkin? When I use 'thehackrf_debug --si5351c -n 0 -r' result is '[ 0] -> 0x51' and I need '[ 0] -> 0x01'.
  2. Hey, Thank you. Are you sure? Ant500 is for 75MHz to 1GHz. https://greatscottgadgets.com/ant500/ GPS is for 1575.42 MHz... In the case of the original GPS design, two frequencies are utilized; one at 1575.42 MHz (10.23 MHz × 154) called L1; and a second at 1227.60 MHz (10.23 MHz × 120), called L2.
  3. Hello, Someone know if ant500 is correct for gps spoofing?
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