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  1. I have as well, looks like my device has linked my pineapple's Mac to the ssid. So forgetting the network seems to work
  2. *** UPDATE *** Factory reset with manual firmware install does not work. Pineapple still hosts SSIDs that is not added to pool
  3. Mine does not intercept even though i use "br-lan" the traffic... Can you share your Hosts config?
  4. FYI everything seems to be working after uploading firmware again, however i just thougt i would make a post and see if anyone got another solution
  5. Hi so i have been testing out the pineAP and i just noticed that the pineapple is hosting SSIDs that are not in pool. And i dont even have the module enabled Any thoughts?
  6. I just finished installing some modues to my SD card. Everything seems to be working now CPU is no longer constantly on 100% SD Card works SD Card formatting works Looks like ther is some major problems with the new release Thank you for your suggestion! Much appreciated!
  7. As I said in my original post I have tried to reset the nano However I have not tried reverting it. I will try that when I have time
  8. Hi, so I can not get an microSD card to work with the pineapple nano I have tried formatting trough the pineapple to get the exFAT file system, resetting the pineapple, formatting in windows When I try to install a module, I just get the message that I can only install on internal This basically means that my pineapple is a paperweight right now. I have looked at some other forum posts with no luck Now the pineapple can not even format the card, it just says "Formatting SD Card, please wait" for hours
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