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  1. It does yes, if i boot the turtle with LAN cable inserted i never see the 3g Interface.
  2. Hi everyone I have some Problems with my new LAN turtle. When i insert my SIM Card and boot up the turtle via USB on my Computer, everything works well, i can connect to the turtle via SSH an can see that the 3G interface got an IP and can connect to the Internet. --> See screenshot below (3g_visible.png) But as soon as i insert a LAN cable in the ethernet port of the turtle, the 3G Interface goes down and never comes up again, see second screenshot. I first thought this was due to the "WAN-FAllback" option, but i disabled the function and the problem is still there 😕 Any ideas what i could try to fix this issue? End goal: The Ethernet Port should allow me to connect to the internal network (get an IP via dhcp) , while the 3G connection should stay the primary internet connection and create the SSH connection to our Server. The USB will get connected to a powerbank. Best, Mo
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