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  1. Nevermind. Figured it out. GUI R > ALT+R GUI r > WIN+R
  2. I just got my new bash bunny! I'm so excited to start using. One thing I noticed is I am unable to get the "windows key" to work. Specifically I am trying to open a command prompt but it is not working. I noticed when I use the combination of "Q GUI R" it actually presses "ALT + R". Bashbunny is running version 1.6 My laptop is a Lenovo T480 Running Windows 10 1809 ### PAYLOAD ATTACKMODE HID Q SET_LANGUAGE US Q DELAY 5000 LED M, R B Q GUI R Q DELAY 500 Q STRING cmd Q DELAY 500 Q ENTER LED G ### config.txt #!/bin/bash #This configu
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