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  1. It uses a subset of these methods based on Android version and Brand. For example for android 5, it follows these steps: First it uses CowGirl64BitSam If the previous didn't work, uses MTKRoot If MTKRoot didn't work, it uses PingRoot If PingRoot didn't work, it restarts the phone (to clear previous changes), then uses CowGirl32BitSam If CowGirl32BitSam did not work too, it restarts the phone again, and uses RootSpot as a last method. If RootSpot didn't work, it shows a message to the user that "the device is not rooted"
  2. UFED 4PC uses following methods to root device: rosecure zergRush fourrunnerStatic MTKRoot CowGirl psneuter PingRoot django
  3. As you now, UFED 4PC is one of the the powerful tools in Mobile Forensic. One of its technique is "ADB Root" that roots devices and get image from it. Unlike other techniques that UFED 4PC has, this technique remained unchanged during time. Because of that, this tech. only works on old devices. in following post, I will send the methods it uses to root devices.
  4. Hi, I am working on Forensic (System Forensic, Mobile Forensic, Network Forensic, Live Forensic, ...) issues from 4 years ago. I worked on a lot of tools (Mobile Boxes, Cellebrite products like UFED 4PC, Physical Analyzer, ... in mobile forensics and Belkasoft, Magnet, FTK, and so on.) during this time and I developed some tools in this area too. During my work, I bought a lot of software and the software's price was too high (for example, UFED 4PC starts from 9000$). (Recently I bought a dongle emulation of UFED 4PC from very very cheap and it works very well 😄 😄 I bought it fo
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