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  1. @kdodge maybe it works...but i don't know anticipately the id of the keyboard...you agree? 🙂 so...if i've every time access before to the platform for showing it that Ducky became just a toy for bathroom..:-)
  2. Correct. Kasperksy is another try. Ad you told, when you put a different antivirus on Defender goes down and kick in only if you uninstall the third party AV. For completing the issue (and before approaching here...) I've tried to use a 1903 with a different AV also. that because few people use Defender in a business environment. Anyway, my consideration are adressed on that: if a simple Defender can stop the Ducky, what can do a professional AV? The same thing. 🙂 Is there a way for knowing the firmware\release version of the duck and what kind of firmware there's installed? I think same as yo
  3. sometimes yes, sometimes simply not starts. I see that you're a Linux one 🙂 when you install a different AV on a Windows machine, automatically Defender disable itself because the system is happy that there's a new AV installed. It's quite impossibile to uninstall Defender anyway. I agree with you. I think that with the right firmware maybe it can works. But finding the right one is not simple, i'll continue trying and update...thank you all.
  4. Bob, firstly thank you..I own 35 technical certifications in systems, networks and security...I'm a 6 times MVP and a CEH...before coming here crying i've done somekind like 10 hours of trials. 😂 I'm quite sure that on a 1703 or 1803 Windows distribution is working, but, surely, i can do a try. If Defender is in down in the system (and there's a different suite like Kaspersky for example) the Ducky runs. BUT if i put on rogue keyboard option in Kaspersky suite you obtain the same behaviour: the payload don't works at all. Now, as you understand, it's clear that i don't want a magic wand f
  5. Thank you all. The windows version i'm using is the latest 1903 (build 18362.295) the ducky has installed the 2.1 firmware, also tried with twin ducky 2.1 but has a keyboard bug i've seen so i've used 2.001. With twin ducky the AV inspect immediately the partition and lock the injection file, sometimes it removes it. I've tried 2 phisical machines and 1 vm. Same behaviour. I still not understand what you guys mean when tell "you've to work on it", if the system lock immediately the usb device when you plug it you can work for years but there's no solution to that...making device a us
  6. Sorry...there must be a kind misunderstanding. I'm telling that if you plug the ducky into a Windows 10 actual environment, this environment doesn't permit the launch of the ininjection file...you're telling me that i've to improve. 🙂 If isn't possible to launch a file from a USB keyboard emulator like Rubber Ducky is the device is useless and how do you right told, good only for demo online and for selling it. The thing that hurt me is that is still sold on Amazon and on the HAK5 site when it's clear that today you can't use it in a real environment. If you tell me that bunny works maybe i ca
  7. Hi to all, I've bought this device for pentesting and learning. I'm quite a newbie about that kind of hardware..but it seems that the actual Windows Defender of 1903 Windows Edition prevent every kind of payload working. Is that true? I've tried quite 50 payloads. With a System with Defender on it not starts at all. I've also flashed the Ducky with Twin Ducky...it seems that is worse..it takes sometimes to analyze the usb and sometimes finds the inject.bin and remove it. All payload with "gmail send" are not working because of authentication, every payload with password grabbing are not workin
  8. Hi, I've an annoying problem. The system I'm using is NOT an UK\US keyboard. In that way, everytime the script is launched by injection it fails because of wrong characters. This i think is why the ducky maintain the original US\UK system. Is there a way to change? Because actually i'm translating symbols from UK to my country keyboard but is huge.. I've searched around but found nothing about it.
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