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  1. Hello, I am using a Panda PAU05 USB wifi adapter, with Kali (latest rolling version 2019.2) and it works great...mostly. When I am at home I find that when testing packet injection everything works fantastic. However, when I am in certain locations, e.g. office buildings, cafes, etc, packet injection does not work at all. Does anyone know why this happens? Is it possible for a wireless network to stifle or prevent packet injection tests from working? I am using testing packet injection by first putting the adapter in monitor mode, using airmon-ng, then using aireplay-ng to test.
  2. I have tried both Kali and Parrot and they're both fine at what they're meant to do. However, I feel like Kali is an elegant and refined set of carefully curated tools, whereas Parrot is like a someone just threw everything, including the kitchen sink, into a box because they could, without taking the time to test, thoroughly debug, and check whether or not the tools were redundant or even necessary. And I found the interface of Parrot to be a complete eyesore.
  3. To some extent I disagree with comments such as: "...if you don't know what tools to use then you shouldn't even try." One will never learn what tools to use or how to do it properly unless one gets their hands dirty just doing it. We learn from mistakes. However, that being said, since one may be new at this, and not know exactly how to do it safely and properly, one should set up a safe sandbox environment/lab to practice said skills.
  4. What kind of problems are you facing with your USB wifi adapters? From what I understand, even though a wifi adapter is listed on a website as working (being capable of managed & monitor modes and packet injection) there is no guarantee that the adapter you have will contain the same chipset as of the writing of said list. Manufacturer's often change chipsets so it can be a bit of a gamble as to whether or not you'll get something that "works." I have a small Panda PAUO5 that was said to no longer be capable of packet injection due to the manufacturer changing chipsets. However,
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