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  1. I am running 1.0.2 it is so buggy. I can't connect with my phone, when I run Recon it seems to lock up, when I am connected the web interface will stop talking to the pineapple. I have the Mark 5, the Tetra and now the mark VII ( a fathers day gift), they have always been buggy. I have been following Hak5 scene season 5, I want to support them and I love what they do and I do learn a ton. This is just disappointing.
  2. I also cant figure out how to upload an image to show everyone.
  3. Hey guys I recently updated to the 2.6 firmware. Is anyone else running into PineAP gathering and rebroadcasting a bunch of random characters. This is what I am getting. Has anyone figured out a fix or a work around.
  4. Thanks for your help WPA2. Will try that. It would be pretty sweet if someone who is smarter than me to get a GUI module working.
  5. Ok i got it installed on my Tetra and it shows up under modules but after i install the dependencies a ui flashes for a sec and its gone and then the "install dependencies" button reactivates. Any ideas for this. I was planing on doing a firmware recovery here in a bit to see if that helps.
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