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  1. I too am at work. I will try your method when I get off .. Got HiddenEye going on my vm box and ready. Now I will set up the pineapple landing page to spread the good news about faster internet. 😜😜😜😜 I will then connect through that link from my ipad, raspberry pi, cellphone and laptop to see what happens. I would use msfvenom but these are my devices and don't want to take a chance of anyone taking advantage. Though I know the odds are extremely low, I know this because 99% off ppl are too stupid, I see them everywhere I go and trust me I am sure you could ask them for their pass and they would not only give it to you but invite you over for tea. 😁😜😁😜😁😜😁😜 ✌
  2. Bro, it would take a minute to list all the cards and setups, I have tried on all but one and that is my project today. I just got back from microcenter where I bought a Scandisk cruzer 128g sd and no worki!!!! I have tried on winders, Kali Linux, my phone (best method for pineapple btw) and today I am building a raspberry pi tablet, I got the case and screen from microcenter as I already have the pi 3 B+. I will be using the arm kali linux. Then I will test a theory I have involving the pineapple. In my own test environment on my personal network. There are so many ways to use the pineapple's power. I don't really need the sdcard but who knows maybe one day I might. I just don't like being defeated by a technical issue 😞
  3. Almost instantly. I tested this and was surprised, I used the deauth module to perform the test. In case you want to know here is the setup.. LG Phone the pineapple a tp-link 722N (Easiest way to use the pineapple btw is the phone app, get it on the appstore) I had my ipad, desktop and laptop connected to the rogue portal, soon as I hit that start button all of them disconnected within 3 seconds. If you look at your admin panel where it shows the clients you will see them drop like flies. As far as capture well that can take 2 seconds or it can take hours, depends if the client is active on the network, if they are you are in luck. I myself don't use the pineapple for that I use fluxion. Another note is once you get the clients mac address then all you have to do is use macchanger to change, deauth the client then you attempt to join the network, yours of course.
  4. Also the storage could have compromised it, again who knows, I had fun with it and at first it was really cool but I do want to say this is not a hak5 issue. I have nothin but love for hak5 and Darren since way back when he was on techtv with Leo Laporte 🙂 yes I am old!! These guys make solid products and are a HUGE part of the pentest community. Once more they are constantly innovating. For script kiddies the pineapple is dead but to those that know how to use it's power fused with Kali, man you talking about some wild parties 🙂
  5. Yes, I bought it when pwnin was easy on that thing, put it up for a year and just moved and thought I would tinker around so I took it out, plugged it up and it was running and I am in the admin panel and things are fine so I decided to chill and turn on some music, you see I am a guitar player and I have 2 reference monitors on my desk and I sat the pineapple on top of them, it took me a while to realize I made a mistake. Now these monitors are not supposed to have any issues with other devices as they are shielded but who knows. I am done with the usb stick fight, I see some with the same issue and some not, may have been a bad batch. It is not something I really need to no biggie, this thing is extremely dangerous all by itself!!
  6. ok, the usb extender was not it! Still frustrated...
  7. By the way, you don't have to have an internet connection, sometimes people don't even care they just think the signal strength is poor so they go on about their day. In this scenario you are just trying to get access to the device itself, while it is in their back pocket 🙂 just be careful you could catch a sexual assault case 🙂 and a lot of times their device is going to connect to you if you are sending those beacons out, I have found that most connected clients are not doing anything at all, their phone is just charging or sitting on the counter. I think their should be more development in this area as phones are taking over desktops, I was recently at a hotel where there were well over 70 clients connected, some could be other devices but there was only 3 laptops on the network and those could be the hotel computers for all I knew. Even my friends look at me funny when I say I have a desktop 😮
  8. I agree. I use metropcs pay by the month with unlimited data, there is the catch, be careful not to do what I did and buy one of those stupid hot spot gadgets, you only have a certain amount of data and when it runs out it's game over, that is important because clients connected may be streaming video and that will eat you up in no time at all. You may even get a free phone, they are always running specials, not the best carrier but it works for me.Then again I am in the Atlanta metro area and signals are not an issue here, yours may vary. You could target a wifi hot spot, a lot of the big box stores have free wifi, once you throw up that beacon should be no issue having clients connect to you. This is the free approach.
  9. Yes it can. I use a regular ol' power bank. A cheap one. I did buy an imuto the other day as my current one only powers for 4 hrs. You could also try the adapter in your car, I have not tried this yet though I have also found some usb hubs don't work well. It also causes problems on my Kali laptop, seems the laptop can't power but so many devices so I switched to a phone config for true mobile use.
  10. BRO.. THANK YOU SO D@MN MUCH .. after 3 days, crazy resets, I have done it all, followed everything on this thread , AND YOU MEAN TO TELL ME ALL IT TOOK WAS A MALE TO FEMALE USB CABLE THAT FIXED IT?!?!?! jeez, I was about to give up man, you are the truth!!
  11. Someone on here posted they used a usb extension and it worked. So I tried a mail to female usb cable and plugged the flash drive in that and WHOA!!!! IT WORKED!! I have tried it all, every page here and you mean to tell me that was all it was? HOW???? Come on Darren, brother I got nothing but love for ya but jeez 🙂 My hookup, I think it may help somehow.. LG Stylo 4 , I sometimes use my desktop and my Kali laptop but seems this is the best config for me as it is mobile. in to the cellphone is the c-type to usb, commonly comes with phone, that then goes in to the hub along with the usb male to female and the thumb drive plugged in to that, the thumb drive is a 16gb verbatim black usb stick, bought at microcenter. This worked on a freshly reset pineapple nano, I am able to install dependencies and modules to the drive. The setup is not as discreet as I would like it so I bought a small camera bag from, yes you guessed it microcenter. No I am not getting paid I just think Frys and microcenter are the best! Here in Atlanta anyways. Pretty much it for that, 3 days, late nights, over $100 spent on cables, hubs and usb sticks, you know where I bought em 🙂 and was about to smash this nano to well, nano 🙂
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