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  1. you sir...are a genius! I did the firmware recovery and it was taking forever to finish so I opened my phone and tried to connect wirelessly to the pineapple and it worked! The setup screen came up for the first time! When I unplugged the pineapple and stuck it back in it connected pretty much straight away and even assigned its own IP and would now come up automatically with a netmask. Maybe the netmask was the problem? Anyway I finished the setup and can now use the pineapple although I can't connect to the open wifi for some reason but can connect to the management wifi connection and remote manage. So this looks like it might be a fix for everyone else too so can we spread the word or get others to try it to see if it works for them too? Many thanks again to you and everyone else who helped out! You guys are legends!
  2. I am connecting it up exactly as described in the setup tutorials. I have tried usb power witht eh duel usb cable on its own and with the 12v power adapter supplied. I even used other adapters. I power cycle the tetra and when it reconnects it automatically reassigns it that same IP I set. I tried to wirelessly connect to pineapple also with no luck. Yes I am using the eth 1 port on the back. I have used usb cable and 12v adapter together, usb on its own and alternate usb with adapter and even different adapter. All no luck. The tetra doesn't automatically assign and IP for me. It just continually loops with ''connecting'' then ''could not connect'' then repeating that loop indefinitely.
  3. I gave this to tech support in tickets heaps of times. No response back. Linux mint 19.1, windows 10, kali linux newest version, android latest version. Tried connecting device with provided usb, different usb, different power cable, issued power cable, using only usb cable and trying with both usb and power cable connected. After using ifconfig ethx down then setting the ip manually the device then connects and shows up in ifconfig with the set ip of that was manually put in but trying to navigate to the ip or as in the tutorial on setup and it can't find host. ping get response but on no response. Run nmap on and it comes back as host down and won't show any ports open. I am at a loss as to why this device won't connect even for basic setup. I suspect the device is actually faulty. Any help you can provide is much appreciated. Thankyou.
  4. Same exact problem here. Out of the box device won't connect to linux, windows or android. I have messaged support at hak5 like literally 5 times and got one responds weeks later giving me some instructions on how to manually set the IP but when I did that and tried to navigate to it it still wouldn't connect. Really disappointing to see this device doesn't work and whats worse is HAK5 don't even seam to care or get back to you on support. I essentially have a $200 brick. Really like their products but very hesitant to spend any more money when I don't even get help for this defective one.
  5. I am having same exact problem. Won't connect on either linux, android or win 10 out of the box with everything that came in the box. It is almost as if hak5 hasn't made quality stuff here and a lot of their devices are defective.
  6. I am having the problem of my tetra not being recognised by either win 10, linux or android. Just will not connect or be recognized. Have no idea what to do. Have tried to contact tech support numerous times with no real response.
  7. Straight out of the box my Wifi tetra pineapple won't connect to either linux mint, kali, android or win 10. I have tried putting in the power cable aswell as usb, different ports and the result is still always the same it just keep looping trying to connect and just says disconnected. Does anyone have any idea whats wrong? Because I have tried to contact support like 5 times now and only got one response asking for further info and then they don't reply to me. Any help much appreciated.
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