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  1. it doesn't even show up in disk management when it's doing it's recovery mode or after that.
  2. If by safely remove you mean eject I can't it never pops up on my screen
  3. it goes into recovery mode blue and red lights then green then shuts off completely then wont boot back up so I'm screwed it sounds like
  4. I have read and followed the unbricking article and after i just got my bash bunny and tried to use the auto updater to update the firmware (the version was fine) it bricked it and now I cannot unbrick it I am plugging it in and unplugging after the green light is off 3 times then plugging in and letting it do the reset after the green light shows up I am switching to 1 but a green light never shows and when I switch it back to arming it doesn't show on my PC. Any suggestions, am I doing this wrong, what do I do?
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