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  1. VPN recommendations depends on your need and requirements. Top 5 items to consider when you are looking for vpn: 1. Price 2. Safety 3. Servers location 4. Log files policy 5. Customer support. All depends on why you need a vpn? To unblock sites and avoid geo restrictions, to protect your data in public wi-fi, access USA or UK content, etc. Personally I have tried several services: Sahrzad - good for Middle East for voice calling, Aeroshield - great security. My friend in China uses vpnprivacy.services and it works fine in CHina.
  2. Yes, VPN protects you in public wifi. All your data is encrypted under the VPN. However, you need to select reliable vpn providers, also many vpns are now blocked in China. Be careful using vpn in China. It is better to use invisible vpn connections like ssl. And never use free vpns in China. This is so resque.
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