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  1. Hi, just purchased a Nano a week ago, but wanna connect the clients to internet using a wired connection. For the moment I ve test few dongles and none was recognized by the Nano. Should I buy a dongle with any special chipset? Or is something to configure what I'm missing? Thanks
  2. Sorry for the super NOOB Question.. but how can I install it on the SD? trying to navigate to the SD and the clone the GIT, gave me some errors. Cheers.
  3. Thanks a lot.. after purchased the Nano I check that was working and some bugs that I found are due to software issues, really nice machine, but until I dont learn more about package capture it´s only useful for capturing handshakes. cheers-
  4. whats the best way to install the latest HCXDUMPTOOL on the Pineapple? WGET or GIT?
  5. Hi, I just purchased a refurbished Nano on a local store in Spain. And wanna know if there is any good way of testing all the functionalities to be sure that there is not a single defect? any method that you could recommend? cheers.
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