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  1. Guys and Girls, my nano (2.6.2) should not see 5Ghz networks and when in recon mode it does not see them. BUT, when I use the from me installed hcxdumptool, i can see the 5Ghz networks! i know because it is my own. How can that be? Thanks for any explanation!
  2. Hi, I just installed some module dependency and now I can not reach the WEB GUI any more on -> connection refused I can still ssh in, but from there I do not know what to do to fix it... Any help?# THX!
  3. Thanks, got it working! The 2.6.2 Firmware is not working too great for me. The Reporting Module is not working and I always get the the /overlay/upper is full.. thats why I am tring with 2.5.4
  4. How do I install this on 2.5.4 ? Once it used to work, but now nothing happens.
  5. The Pinapple is nothing like a wifi adapter, it`s a complete tool.
  6. Hi everyone, what am I doing wrong? In the Recon Module, when I set the scan location to something different from /tmp/ eg. /sd. The PineAP will not start anymore. Setting it back to /tmp/ then everything works. How can I get the scans to go to the SD? Thanks for your help!
  7. Total Newbie searched the Forum and did not find an answer... Can I delete the contents of the /tmp folder? Thanks in advance!
  8. I can't install Module Dependencys (SSLSplitt) I will start and say they are not installed. Rebooted and the same thing. Formated SDCard, does not help.
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