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  1. For a start, DON'T go installing anything else from unknown sources, on here or off. That would just be suicide. I'm not completely aware of how Apple smartphones work primarily because I've never had one. What I do know however is there is a feature built into Apple smartphones which allows you to track devices based on their phone ID (or something like that?). I don't know the specifics but I read somewhere that if you can hold of the device unique number (?) you can effortlessly track it's location. Again, this is not bona-fide factual information I'm providing but a clearly tangled assu
  2. I've been using some of the work done by Daniel in my lab environment and I some of his work has been featured in popular frameworks and scripts. Thanks for the share!
  3. Hi guys, I think I've got to 'that' particular point in my journey to understand penetration testing and ethical hacking. And it's led me to the belief that many of the frameworks and automated scripts are likely to be flagged by antivirus/IDS. How I came to this conclusion? I've tried out many of the frameworks from Veil to Metasploit and although they are all incredibly useful and are by no means obsolete in their usage and potential they do end up being flagged A LOT by virus scanning. I do my scanning with scanners that are known not to share results, by the way. That being said, I'm be
  4. Choosing a VPN provider is hard if you want to have a greater level of privacy. Many are free and they fund their existence through marketing and other means which sometimes means they may sell your information on to make a profit. Some will have sketchy privacy policies and there are many free VPN providers today popping up which won't be as sincere as others. Some will claim they don't keep logs but I can bet that most do and because it's hard to prove whether they do or not you have to take their word for it. Many providers in the past have claimed to not keep logs only to be involved with
  5. The sad reality is, at least from what I've read; most security experts put the emphasis on security on the individual and following pretty much straightforward op sec. I read a research paper by Google which conducted research on both the average user population and security experts around the world to find out what the average user believes is enough to protect them and then what the expert believes is enough. The experts put emphasis on methods like regular software updates, password managers, 2FA and forced HTTPS whilst the average user put emphasis on antivirus and specific software solut
  6. It would depend on what you use VPN for. Most people are not say political dissidents who are potentially being deliberately and consistently monitored by government entities on their whereabouts, their intentions, their social life and what they are attempting to do with/against/for the government. In this case most VPNs would be out of the question due to a whole number of factors. One could be the fact that many VPN providers are not nearly as secure as they make out, they have servers in countries where the law states they HAVE to cooperate fully with government entities and law which mean
  7. It can be easy to form a reply which is biased towards your own preferences, beliefs, philosophies in examples like this and so I think all that stuff should be left out. You can monitor someone pretty easily, especially if they use the same computer. In fact, it's probably the easiest thing to do when and if you share the computer. You could use something like TeamViewer which can be setup to be configured so to not require authentication upon logging into the machine. I'm not sure how far you can take TeamViewer in terms of discretion though, I think no matter what you do with TeamViewer t
  8. This question keeps coming back to me after deciding to embark on a journey towards better understanding IT security, especially how the bad guys get into systems. For me I have been able to spend anywhere from a few hours to a whole day behind the computer screen. How about you? How long do you typically spend behind the computer? Also it doesn't matter whether it's your job, hobby or whether you just browse the web and seldom drop into a few different subjects out of mere interest. I was going to create a poll but then realized that option wasn't available
  9. There has been a lot of controversy as to what Microsoft does with the telemetry they receive from the Windows OS. Apparently it logs a lot of information, depending on how you use Cortana. I first heard about the privacy concerns a while ago. Data is the new gold. These big corporations want as much data as they can get so they can integrate the intelligence they receive from the data into new products, and so they can target more people and in turn grab more data about more people in the process. When I got wind of the privacy invasions of Cortana, it was with Windows 8. That was when a lot
  10. There's nothing puzzling about. If you've been on YT for longer than a few years and have glanced out beyond your own scene you will have seen that channels have been threatened with video deletion, suspensions and bannings for quite a long time. I can remember when they started attacking drug harm reduction videos back in 2015 and began silencing channels which were uploading trip reports, genuine videos I may add, which were not in any way harmful to the viewer. Much like a hacker showing how they hacked a computer in real time, these guys were uploading their experiences on psychedelics so
  11. At this point, at least to me anyway, there's a message being conveyed here. If you can't get past antivirus detection using readymade generated scripts compiled into an executable ready to be ran from a target computer, it's then time to learn other ways to evade antivirus. That might mean learning about how antivirus works, where the weak points are in AV detection, simple tricks to reduce the number of detections, customizing payloads etc. The answers are not going to jump out at you. The antivirus business is worth BILLIONS. It's their job to make your life as hard as possible. If it
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