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  1. Clients are able to select the Tetra's SSID and connect. I can see them listed in the 'Client' tab section. The Tetra can go out to the internet which I checked by updating the Bulletins. But when the client is connected to the Tetra's wireless, they cannot go out to the internet. I hope I am just missing one step by checking a configuration box or something that simple. Any ideas??
  2. This is how I got mine to work... The Tetra is getting power from the AC adapter and is connected to my laptop via USB cables. When I run the script, I select [M]anual Setup. It's very much like the Guided in where it will ask you which interface is your Pineapple, which interface is your computer, and enter in your default gateway, which would be your computer's gateway, not the Tetra. In your case... Then I select [C]onnect using saved settings. I get the dots as if the Tetra is trying to connect. After a few dots, I'll unplug the USB cable from the Tetra and then plug it back in. This method works for me.
  3. Thank you for this post!! I was having issues too but did not know that BOTH MAC and SSID filters needed to be filled out. But now that I have a phone connected to the Pineapple... I can't seem to get the phone to access the internet. Even though the Pineapple can get out to the internet.
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