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  1. I’m sorry I’m new here. Basically I believe I’m being monitored by someone through some sort of spyware. This log has a few things that lead me to believe that is the case such as Pegasus Arm64 and mobile obliteration arm64 being logged.
  2. {"app_name":"Chrome","timestamp":"2019-06-17 03:11:25.82 -0700","app_version":"75.3770.85","slice_uuid":"aa9219d7-91d8-3d52-93be-4f34f7dbfa01","adam_id":535886823,"build_version":"75.0.3770.85","bundleID":"com.google.chrome.ios","share_with_app_devs":false,"is_first_party":false,"bug_type":"109","os_version":"iPhone OS 12.3.1 (16F203)","incident_id":"40544D73-E715-4C29-8BBD-64753FB5C140","name":"Chrome"} Incident Identifier: 40544D73-E715-4C29-8BBD-64753FB5C140 CrashReporter Key: f710f30e72ea20957add08c383c98e608add30be Hardware Model: iPhone10,4 Process:
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