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  1. I had this same issue when I would try and use certain modules. With some research I found that br-lan doesn't actually exist and that it has to be replaced with eth0. For example I was getting issues with urlsnarf because it couldn't bind with br-lan, but when I edited the module and replaces br-lan with eth0 everything worked fine.
  2. I have been experimenting with different modules on my lan turtle. My lan turtle is running firmware 5. I have been successful with dns spoofing and autossh but when I try to use urlsnarf it says: urlsnarf: br-lan: No such device exists (SIOCGIFHWADDR: No such device) If anyone has any ideas to help me fix this i would be very appreciative.
  3. Dear everyone, I am doing some experimenting with my new bash bunny and was wondering if once I enable an ATTACKMODE interface if it is possible to disable it after a little while without turning off the payload. For example I am trying ATTACKMODE HID STORAGE and then wondering if I can do something like DISABLE STORAGE or something of like that. I know to some of you this is probably going to seem like a stupid question but if anyone knows the answer can you please share. Thank you!!!
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