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  1. Q: We have a lot, and I mean like shitloads (at least 100) old computers my high school, not to mention probably even more laptops (though they are often off, and are very cheap). Thought it'd be really fun to do something...anything to the network or computers (like maybe a botnet) wouldn't wanna do anything too evil/illegal tho. Don't really care what, any cool ideas... I don't really know what I'm doing so just any ideas are cool as long as you explain what the methods are so I can research them. I don't really know where to start right now. I'll try and get the IT guy/the principals' permission of course. A: If you try to get into the IT guy or Principal computer that is Illegal and you will probably go to jail. Q: I'm somewhat a beginner, so if you could say the names of the things you are doing so I can research them, that would be great. I literally have 3 years to figure it out. A: 3 Years? to figure out how to hack your school.. Use those 3 years to learn programming, computer, network, and security. Because why would you spend 3 years learning how to hack your school..and then month later you get caught. Q: Most the network is wired, but laptops and phones connect to wireless, and the computers have trendmicro installed on them. Though I kind of have an advantage because I have access to like everywhere every day. for 3 years. All computers are windows 10. We have like 4 rooms with switches and stuff... lots and lots of cables in those rooms. I can probably get into them but I'll need the key (I know who has it) A: You don't need a key learn to lock pick.. there are also lock-picking kits on ebay, amazon, and even walmart. Trendmirco is a good defense software the company I work for (Which is a MSP Company) has it installed.. You can still bypass trendmirco security filters though. Q: I really want to do something/learn how to do something but I don't know what to learn. A: Computers, Network, Security, Microsoft, Linux, Etc ... Q: P.S. if I end up doing this illegally (which I totally won't) I'm not gonna change anyone's marks or access anything, personally I don't really care about the stupid school data and the last thing I need is a zero when someone finds out my marks were changed. I'll probably just screw with people. ...Maybe play a particular song full blast during an assembly... -----> or on every computer at once <---- Just an idea. (every computer has a speaker) A: No offense man, or woman but this statement is dumb in so many ways.. you almost sound like a cop to be honest
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